The provision regulating electric micromobility in the city of Pisa orders:

  1. a) to limit the circulation of the devices exclusively, on the basis of the regulations in force, to the bicycle paths, bicycle-pedestrian paths, ztl, urban roads on which there is a speed limit of 50 km/h existing throughout the municipal territory, with the exclusion of those with the greatest concentration of tourism around the monumental complex of the Cathedral, namely: Piazza del Duomo; Piazza Manin; Via Cammeo, pedestrian section; Piazza dell’Arcivescovado, in the section between Via Santa Maria and Via Boschi; Via Santa Maria, in the section between Piazza Cavallotti and Piazza del Duomo;
  2. (b) prohibiting the movement of such vehicles on sidewalks or spaces reserved for other vehicles or pedestrians;
  3. (c) The prohibition, while using the devices, for users to: carry any person; carry duffel bags or objects that hinder the safe use of the vehicle; use a cellular phone, unless the latter is properly attached to the handlebars, or any portable music player; use the electric scooter while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and medications, which may impair safe riding; use the vehicle for racing, hiking on dirt roads, or performing stunts of any kind;
  4. (d) Consistent with the provisions of Art. 4, paragraphs 1 and 3, of M.D. 229/2019, within the Historic Center (zones A and B), that the parking of scooters shall take place exclusively at stations, identified with appropriate signs;
  5. (e) For the rest of the municipal territory, parking is allowed on the side of roads where parking is permitted, that is, on sidewalks and within pedestrian areas provided that the vehicle does not cause any hindrance or inconvenience to pedestrians, with special reference to the movement of the disabled, and/or to the activities therein;
  6. (f) That therefore, the opening or closing of the rental can only take place:
    – in zones A and B (Old Town) only within the above-mentioned stations and only with stand up (when closed);
    – for the rest of the municipal territory by the side of roads where parking is permitted, i.e., on sidewalks and within pedestrian areas, provided that the parked vehicle does not cause any hindrance or inconvenience to pedestrians, with particular reference to the movement of the disabled, and/or to the activities therein. To this end, the devices should be equipped with a technological system capable of continuously monitoring their location and compliance with how they are being used. Means should be available for use under the free-flow “one way” scheme, that is, with the possibility of releasing the device at a station or place other than the pickup location;
  7. (g) That the rental service operates 24 hours a day every day of the year;
  8. (h) That the activities are carried out under the best possible conditions of safety for users and other citizens, and with full respect for the usability and decorum of the public space. In this regard, the operator shall carry out the timely removal of any devices left parked illegally (outside the stations in the Historic Center and in any case in any situation of obstruction, danger or disturbance). Likewise, the user is obligated at the end of the rental period to take a photo of the scooter in order to demonstrate the correct positioning of the scooter. In the event of delay in removal (more than two hours), in addition to the application of the relevant penalties imposed under the C.d.S., the Municipal Police organs will proceed directly to ‘removal of the vehicle, charging the related costs to the operator;
  9. i) That all devices in service should bear the CE marking, provided for in Directive 2006/42/EC, be equipped with the appropriate stand and have characteristics ,constructive consistent with those represented in Annex 1 of Ministerial Decree 229/2019. In addition, the devices will have to be identifiable, through a unique number, placed on the device in a clearly visible manner (the device master, which is always up-to-date, will have to be transmitted in advance by the operator);

(j) That the speed limits of the devices in use, in compliance with Art. 2 of Ministerial Decree 229/2019, shall be as follows:
– 6 km/h in: Vittorio Emanuele II square, Corso Italia, Ponte di Mezzo bridge, Borgo Stretto, Oberdan street, U. Dini street, Cavalieri square, Corsica street, Mille street, Vettovaglie square, San Omobono square, Cavalca street, Dante square, Torricelli square;
– O km/h in: Cathedral Square; Manin Square; Cameo Street, in the pedestrian section; Archbishop’s Square, in the section between Santa Maria Street and Boschi Street; Santa Maria Street, in the section between Cava/Lotti Square and Cathedral Square;
– 20 km/h throughout the rest of the municipal area, concerning urban roads with a speed limit of 50 km/h;