The circulation of electric micromobility devices in Padua is regulated by the following Regulations:
Law Dec. 27, 2019 no. 160, as amended by Law 26.02.2020 no. 8 of conversion with amendments of DL 30.12.2019 no. 162 (“Milleproroghe”); DM 04/06/2019, no. 229


Electric scooters are personal mobility devices that must have the following characteristics in order to circulate:
– Electric motor of continuous rated power not exceeding 0.5 kW (500 W)
– not provided with a seat
– equipped with an audible warning device
– Equipped with speed governor with maximum configuration 25 km/h if capable of developing speeds above 20 km/h, or 6 km/h in pedestrian areas
– be EC type-approved – Directive 2006/42/EC
– Be compliant with the technical and construction requirements of Ministerial Decree 229/2019.
– Be equipped with a stand for parking

They are equated with velocipedes and can therefore circulate freely in cities, subject to specific requirements for scooters only and other technical and behavior rules dictated by the Highway Code for bicycles.


The following is required for road operation of the electric scooter:

Age requirements
– the driver must be at least 14 years old;
– wearing a suitable protective helmet is mandatory for minors aged 14 to 18 years.
We recommend the purchase of an approved helmet that by its characteristics provides resistance to undermining (loss in case of a fall) and shock absorption.

Driving qualifications
– A driver’s license is not required;
– for individuals, driver’s insurance is not required, but activation of insurance coverage for damage caused to persons and/or property while on the road is recommended;
– rental sharing operators have the insurance coverage required by the public selection process. It is recommended to check at the time of rental activation whether the operator also allows individuals between the ages of 14 and 18 to use the vehicle.


  • Without prejudice to further specific regulations for scooters used through shared rental services, the maximum allowed speed of electric scooters on the road is 25 km/h on bicycle lanes, bicycle paths adjacent to the sidewalk, and bicycle-pedestrian promiscuous paths;
  • the maximum allowed speed of electric scooters in pedestrian areas where bicycles are allowed is 6 km/h;
  • the use of electric scooters on sidewalks is prohibited, as well as for bicycles;
  • more than one person (including minors) is prohibited from riding the electric scooter;
  • it is prohibited to equip the scooter with a seat for a second person (even a minor);
  • It is prohibited to ride the electric scooter while carrying an animal;
  • It is prohibited to ride side by side with another scooter;
  • in case of jaywalking, it is mandatory to hand-carry the scooter;
  • talking on a cell phone while riding the electric scooter is prohibited (however, the use of earphones is allowed);
  • it is forbidden to take the hands off the handlebars of the vehicle except, temporarily, to indicate a right or left turn;
  • driving on the wrong side of the road is not allowed;
  • starting half an hour after sunset, you may ride an electric scooter only while wearing a reflective vest and only if the vehicle is equipped with a light and reflectors;
  • scooters used through sharing services should preferably be parked in the designated areas designated by the operator or, if not available, near dedicated bicycle parking and racks, and in any case not abandoned in the street or on sidewalks;
  • private scooters must be parked near dedicated bicycle parking and racks;
  • if driving while intoxicated, there are no ancillary penalties such as suspension or revocation of the license (if any), but in case the driver has it, the license could be reviewed.
  • on streets affected by the passage of the streetcar, where velocipedes are allowed to pass, keep an adequate distance from the streetcar lane and pay close attention to the presence of the rail while crossing, which should be done as orthogonal as possible.


The circulation of electric scooters is allowed only in the territorial areas specified in more detail below:
(a) At urban roads where the speed limit is 50 km/h;
(b) bicycle paths, bicycle paths adjacent to the sidewalk, bicycle-pedestrian promiscuous paths, bicycle paths, and bicycle-pedestrian paths along suburban roads;
(c) urban pedestrian areas where velocipedes are not prohibited.


  • along main and secondary suburban roads, on ramps, traffic circles, and ring road entrance and exit interchanges;
  • On urban roads within the built-up area where the speed limit is higher than 50 km/h;
  • in the historic center, within the pedestrian area “Liston” (pedestrian-only area): only hand-driven vehicles are allowed to pass through;
  • within the main areas of historical – cultural – artistic value: Prato della Valle – Memmia Island, in the churchyard of the Cathedral, the Basilica of St. Anthony, the Basilica of St. Justina, areas inside the Arena Gardens;
  • Within the perimeter of the Z.I.P. (Padua Industrial Zone), except bicycle lanes, bicycle paths adjacent to the sidewalk, bicycle-pedestrian promiscuous paths;
  • within the fixed and, weekly markets;
  • in parks and green areas, transit is allowed only along the bicycle and pedestrian paths, and device parking is prohibited within park areas;
  • on the Rivieras, where streetcar transnite takes place similarly to bicycles, transit is prohibited in the Rivieras area (Ord. 360/2006)


Parking of scooters is prohibited:

  • in the main areas of historical-cultural-artistic value protected totally or partially by historical-architectural constraints: Prato della Valle (including Memmia Island), Cathedral parvis, parvis of the Basilica of St. Anthony, parvis of the Basilica of St. Justina, as well as in the areas inside the Arena Gardens;
  • at the Piazze area (Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Frutti, Piazza dei Signori, Piazza Eremitani);
  • bridges and roads/paths near embankment areas, river parks river parks (Piovego, Bacchiglione, Parco delle Mura), public gardens (e.g., Arena Gardens).

Devices are not allowed to be parked on sidewalks.


There are administrative penalties and confiscation of the vehicle in the case of a scooter with a heat engine or an electric motor having a continuous rated power exceeding 2 kW.

The administrative penalty is between €100 and €400 in the following cases:

  • Incomplete scooter equipment according to the requirements of DM 04/06/2019 (speed limiter, bell for acoustic signals, CE marking, lights and reflectors);
  • Circulation with a scooter of power greater than 0.50 kw (i.e., 500 watts)
  • Traffic on urban roads with limit higher than 50 km/h or on suburban roads outside the bicycle lane or bicycle-pedestrian path;
  • circulation on roadway of electric scooter with speed exceeding 25 km/h, on pedestrian area of electric scooter with speed exceeding 6 km/h

The administrative penalty is between €50 and €200 in the following cases:
– Driving without a helmet (for minors);
– Circulation without reflective vest after half an hour after sunset;
– If you ride side by side with another scooter;
– If you tow a scooter and have your own scooter towed.