When you find a BIT vehicle, you can unlock it by framing the QR code present on the handlebars or, by clicking on the ‘scooter icon within the map in the App, you can view a series of controls that can be activated on that vehicle, including one dedicated to starting the rental if you are within 50 meters of it.

Having performed either of the above procedures, the error message “Vehicle not available for rental” may appear , indicating that maintenance is most likely underway or that the battery of the same is too low for possible rental.

Once the unlocking procedure is completed, to begin the ride, you must push yourself with one foot on the ground, keeping the other foot firmly placed on the scooter platform. After the scooter picks up speed, you can accelerate by using the lever with your right thumb. To brake use one or both brakes.

Be sure to end the ride at a point that does not impede traffic or in designated areas where these exist. Generally, it is possible to park on sidewalks, as long as the pedestrian way is not obstructed in any way.

Do not park
where it is not allowed, for example:

– Near ramps for disabled access.
– Where pedestrian walkways or bicycle paths are obstructed
– At the entrance of hospitals
– At the entrance of fire stations.
– Within parks
– Within private areas
– Within fenced areas
– In areas where parking is prohibited (Red or Purple zone found in App)

To close the rental of the newly parked scooter, simply click on the “Close Rental” button within the App.

You can park:

– Anywhere within the Blue colored operational zone.
– In a BIT Point area, having a Green-colored “P” icon, within the Orange-colored limited parking zone
– In a BIT Point area, having “P” icon of Green color, within the operational area of Blue color

You can avoid closing the rental to run your errands. By pausing the rental by pressing the appropriate button on the dashboard page within the App, no one else will be able to use your vehicle and you will be charged a more subsidized per-minute rate. Don’t forget to close the rental if you no longer need the vehicle. Otherwise, the charges will continue.

Identify the areas

On the map within our App there are different types of zones, differentiated by color and characteristics. Click on one of these zones to view the rules in effect or the rate charged in that city:

– BLUE zone: Area of service coverage in that particular city.

– RED zone: Area where parking is not possible.

– BLACK zone: Area where no transit is possible.

– ORANGE zone: Restricted parking area. Parking is possible only within the BIT Points.

– YELLOW zone: Area with maximum speed limited to 6Km/h.

– VIOLA Zone: Area with maximum speed limited to 6Km/h in which parking is not possible.


The rental cost consists of a fixed amount indicated as the “unlocking cost” of the vehicle and a variable amount indicated as the “ride cost expressed in minutes.” Rates and promotions may vary depending on the city or day of the week. Actual costs can be checked by clicking on the service coverage area or by clicking on the scooter icon within the

When you sign up for BIT, you are prompted to add a payment method to your account in order to use the service. Allowable payment methods are:

– Credit card
– Prepaid card
– Paypal
– Satispay

Alternatively, you can top up Your Wallet and use it to pay for your rentals or purchase packages. To add funds to Your Wallet, go to the My Wallet page within the App and select the top-up amount. Depending on the recharge denomination you make, you will be entitled to a bonus credit that you can use only for rental payments. On the My Wallet page, it is possible to enable or disable the automatic reload feature to avoid unsolicited reloads if the Wallet balance runs low.

You can check your entire rental history within the section
My Rentals
on the page
My Profile
. For each registered rental, it is possible to view the amount paid, the miles driven, the date, and the number of the vehicle used. If any inconsistencies are found, our H24 operational customer service will provide you with more details about it.

You are only held accountable for the vehicle if you have not finished the rental, after parking.


By purchasing Unblock packages you will get unlimited unlocks and an amount of free minutes valid for the duration of the selected package. After you run out of the minutes and unlocks included within the package, the standard rate will revert back to you.

Includes unlimited unlocks that can be used within 24 hours from the first rental, after the purchase of the package itself. Also included are 15 free minutes that you can always use within 24 hours from the first rental after purchasing the package.

Includes unlimited unlocks usable within 7 days from the first rental, after the purchase of the package itself. Also included are 110 free minutes that you can always use within the 7-day period from the first rental, after purchasing the package.

By purchasing this package you will get unlimited unlocks and free minutes for 1 consecutive hour from the first rental, after the purchase of the package.

By signing up for one of these subscriptions you will get free unlocks and free daily minutes specified in the offer. For Extra rides you will be given a 50% discount on the total rental amount.

Purchasing this subscription will entitle you to 2 free unlocks and 60 minutes of free ride time usable daily from the first rental after the subscription is purchased. 

How does the subscription work?

– A maximum of 100 free 30-minute rides are included in the season ticket, to be used in 30 days after purchasing the subscription.

– At the end of the 30 minutes included in the subscription, you will start paying the standard rate for The entire duration of the recovery time (4 hours).

– If you finish a run before reaching the 30th minute, it will still be counted and recovery time will start from the closing of the rental.

As an example: if the user takes a 15-minute ride, at the end of this ride the rides available to him will be one less than the total and the recovery time will start at the close of the rental.

– After the 30th minute included in the subscription, time will begin to be counted recovery time, whether the ride is finished or in case the ride continues.

As an example: if the user makes a 60-minute run, at the end of this run the time
remaining recovery time will be 3 hours and 30 minutes.

– If you start a run during the recovery time, you will not benefit from the subscription for the entire duration of the run.

As an example: if the user starts the rental at 10 minutes after the end of the recovery time and 

makes a 20-minute ride, he/she will not benefit from the subscription even if the recovery time has 

finished by 10 minutes.


In order to use a BIT vehicle, you must register for the service. We ask you to provide us with some personal information, including a cell phone number where we send a verification code (OTP) via text message that will be required to complete the enrollment process. We will also send you an e-mail to verify the correctness of the same, provided during registration.

If you do not receive the verification code (OTP), you probably made a mistake in entering your cell phone number during enrollment. You can request a new verification code (OTP) on the login page by clicking on “Do not Did I receive the OTP code? Resend SMS”: you will be asked for your e-mail address and cell phone number where we will send a new code.

If you wish to close your BIT account, you can send a request via
to our support center.


One must be 14 years of age or older to operate a BIT vehicle. Please be assured that you have read and agree to
the Terms and Conditions of Use
during registration.

Helmet use is mandatory from age 14 until the age of majority and strongly recommended for everyone. The helmet and other protective accessories are not a guarantee against personal injury. For detailed information please see our
Terms and Conditions

If you are involved in an accident while using BIT, please contact our customer service department to inform us immediately about the incident. BIT Mobility S.r.l. has insurance coverage to protect against damages to third parties.


Can’t close the rental? The system may not allow the rental to be closed for the following reasons:

– Closure in an area where parking is not allowed.
– Closure in an area where parking is allowed only at BIT Points.
– Poor or absent scooter GPS signal coverage.
– Poor or no mobile network connection quality.

Ascertained that you do not fall under the above cases, please contact our service center promptly.

In case you cannot physically locate the vehicle on the map, you can make the scooter make a sound so that it can be found easily. In fact, just click on the Sound function by clicking on the scooter icon within the map.


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