ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified

Certification includes:

Within the of its commitment to sustainability, BIT Mobility S.r.l. has implemented a system of constant monitoring of its activities and operations, to the In order to minimize environmental impact. In addition, the planning of the processes is designed to ensure effectiveness, efficiency and compliance with the technical and regulatory requirements, leading to the achievement of certification ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015.

Key goals the company has set for itself:

– Maintain high customer satisfaction and respond promptly to any complaints;

Effectively manage energy use and minimize the environmental impact of its services; 

– Actively promote the use of scooters as a sustainable alternative to traditional transportation;

– Implement an effective maintenance and recycling system for scooters to ensure their longevity and reduce waste.   

Besides attention to the environment, it puts the customer at the center of its interests, offering services such as:

  • Access to electric scooters in major city areas;
  • A user-friendly app for finding and renting scooters;
  • Dedicated customer support ;
  • Maintenance and continuous improvement of the scooter fleet.


Continuously monitor activities that affect environmental performance, collect, analyze and review data to define and implement preventive actions aimed at eliminating the causes of potential nonconformities and maintaining the suitability of the system, as well as its continuous improvement.

Environmental objectives, proposed annually by management through the Management Review, are pursued by the Heads of Business Functions and shared with all Personnel working in the company