Have you ever considered the importance of taking out 
an Insurance 
for even safer and more reliable travel?

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Luna_orario nelle ore notturne BIT Mobility

The cost of this service is:

  • € 0.03 / minute daytime (06:00-22:00)

  • € 0.05 / minute at night (22:00-06:00)

Did you know that your insurance coverage also includes comprehensive personal care services?

What does it consist of?

In addition to accident coverage, you will also be entitled to personal care services such as:

  • medical consultation: Access to medical consultation in case of injury;
  • Delivery of medications or groceries to your home:convenience of receiving medications or groceries directly to your home;
  • Home care(nursing or physical therapy) for oneself, one’s dependent family members, and children (including babysitting and after-school care).

In the event that you are a victim of theft or mugging, the new helpline will rush to your aid by personally taking care of:

  • redo documents and keys
  • Provide protection and blocking of credit cards
  • Recover your smartphone data.

We remind you that:

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Coverage is activated only for the time of the rental, from the time

in which you will unlock the vehicle to the end of your journey.

Call center, customer service BIT Mobility

Making use of post-injury care services does not require any

additional expense. Just call toll-free 800 65678.

Attivazione automatica BIT Mobility

You choose whether to activate it before each rental. You only need to have subscribed to it completely free of charge and then, before starting the vehicle rental, choose to activate it or not.

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If you change your mind
you can always withdraw
from the policy directly from your profile, and if you want to be insured again in the future, you just need to go through the underwriting process again.

Per noi la tua sicurezza è importante_Assicurazione BIT Mobility