If you are passionate about sustainable mobility and use Bit Mobility’s services even during the winter, then you are in the right place! We thought we would share with you some quick tips to make your Bit trips even more fantastic during this frosty season.

  • Layers like a pro: Winter requires preparation, but don’t want to give up style? Dress in layers like your favorite style on Instagram! Be sure to wear clothes that keep you warm while traveling, but also allow you to adapt to changes in temperature.
  • Champion grip: Cold weather can make electric scooter handlebars more slippery than usual. Make sure the handlebars are as cozy as a cup of hot chocolate! Invest in non-slip gloves to ensure a firm grip while traveling, keeping you safe and in control of your vehicle.
  • Watch out for frozen puddles: Don’t be fooled! Puddles may hide icy surprises that could jeopardize your safety. Take special care and slow down when encountering puddles or wet areas to avoid slips and accidents.
  • Make light of the situation: Don’t let dark and gloomy winter days stop you! Be the star of the neighborhood by ensuring your visibility and safety during Bit nights. Consider adding reflective lights to your jacket or an intermittent device on the back of your helmet. These features make your electric scooter easily detectable by both pedestrians and cars, improving your safety and making your trips more fun and bright!
  • Enjoy the trip: Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the trip! Ride calmly, breathe in the fresh air and smile at the world as you explore the city with your Bit Mobility electric scooter. Winter can offer unique scenery and special atmosphere, take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy unforgettable experiences!

With these tips, you are ready to face the winter with Bit Mobility and enjoy unique and fun experiences on the road!

If you have any questions or would like to share your electric scooter adventures with us, write to us at info@bitmobility.it or on our social channels. Have fun and let’s drive through the winter together!

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